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Room 6

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Opening Ceremony 1hr

THE OPENING CEREMONY for the New Living Expo

Welcome to the New Living Expo – “Living in the New Earth” Meditation and transmission and Sonic Crystalline Sound Bath.  Land Gently and Softly among the opening energies that beckon you to your next chapter of life.


The intention of the New Living Expo is to find a new way of Living, a new and even more Conscious way of existing.


Join the Opening Ceremony of the Expo, where TwinRay Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji will be holding a powerful Meditation and transmission to bring you into the reality of the New Earth, and the Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity.


This “Living in the New Earth Meditation” and sound bath will help acclimate you to new perceptions, connect you to a higher timeline reality, attract the synchronicities and serendipities in life and here  at this New Living Expo. Allow yourself to be drawn by your soul’s wisdom, and feel with your heart where to go and what teachers and events your soul and high self wants to connect to with ease and grace.


This is a time for grounding in all of your intentions and true reasons, both known and unknown, as to your purpose at the expo and in life.


The Opening Ceremony will support you to guide you where you need to be and go throughout the expo and to let go of all the parts that do not serve you. Upleveling your energies and reality.


Join TwinRay Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji for this special Opening Ceremony, Friday April 14th @ 4 pm.


This Opening Ceremony will also prepare you for the TwinRay Opening Free Lecture @ 7 pm Embodying The Golden Age – The truth about ascension and spiritual evolution where you will be taken even higher.

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