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Onya & Mark Sorensen Raise your Frequency with Crystalline Technology

Room 7

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Saturday Free Lectures 45mins

Raise your Frequency with Crystalline Technology


Experience first hand, raising your frequency to higher levels with Crystals from out of this world. Unleash your highest potential with Galactic Living Technology within the High Vibe Palonette Crystals as seen on Gaia TV – Cosmic Disclosure. Discover how they got here and follow Onya and Mark Sorensen on their discovery of how they raise your frequencies by unblocking meridians, balancing chakras and activating your DNA to its fullest potential over time.
Onya and Mark Sorensen bring you 60 years’ experience of intuitive consulting, energy healing, sound therapy and matrix reprogramming! They now have added Galactic Crystalline Technology that is truly from out of this world!  We will have a Live Demonstration at the end of the talk.

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