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Melissa Behr  
Intuition and the Pineal Gland

Room 4

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Sunday Free Lectures 45mins


Intuition and the Pineal Gland | Sunday 12 pm | Room 4 | Booth 316

Discover the Clarity game that has been developed to activate the third eye chakra. Join Melissa Behr as she demos the game and explains how the pineal gland can be exercised to sharpen intuition and clairvoyance.  Audience participation is encouraged to engage with this unique social game and mediation tool.  Come prepared with questions. What do you need clarity on? Are you blocked?  Participate as a group and learn how developing your third eye with this tool will change your life.   

Melissa Behr has lived the creative life that dreams are made by. Her newest project – Clarity Lifestyle – serves to share her creative and spiritual energies with the world to help and inspire others.

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