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Mark Rolando Rosales
Quantum Earthing

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Sunday Free Lectures 45mins

Essential earthing for your water & foods for optimal well being. Demonstrations and clinically validated technology for everyday use of grounded frequencies. The Life Spring QRC card has distributed over 27,000 throughout Asia & Europe. This work inspired is inspired by the parent of a low spectrum autism children. The need for epigenetic protection of electromagnetic pollution is a global problem. Free gift of a EMF shield for your mobile or tablet ($20 value).

Mark is the founder of Tierra Science, passionate for earthing lifestyle tools. Our quantum grounded frequencies for water to resonate a “Fresh Squeezed” experience. Patent protected. We offer harmonious solutions for electronics against EMF/LF/HF/RF/5G disruption

New Living Expo

New Living Expo