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Maria Martinez Awaken Your Divine Light and Create a Life of Flow


2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Sunday Free Lectures 45mins


How do you become the Divine Being that You already are and live your best life every day? Learn the totality of your truth, experience Channeled cosmic frequencies as you are held in the energetic container by galactic beings of light. Understand your multidimensional bodies as well as how each is helping you or holding you back, and how they directly impact your health, wealth, career, and relationships. You’ll be guided to heal, alchemize, and upgrade from the DNA, Cellular, and Quantum levels so that you may integrate a whole new version of yourself, shift into a new timeline, and become more aligned, intentional, and fiercely committed to living your best, joyful and abundant life.   

Maria Martinez is a human potential activator, Quantum Energy Alchemist, Soul Wealth Activator and Business Coach. Founder of