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Lori Grace
Keeping our Brains Healthy & Avoiding Cognitive Decline

Room 4

5:00 pm - 5:59 pm

Sunday Free Lectures 45mins

Keeping our Brains Healthy and Avoiding Cognitive Decline |  Sunday 5 pm   |   Room 4   |   Booth 326

Do you want to keep your memory sharp as you get older? Do you want to keep your ability to focus and to make effective decisions? If so, coming to this lecture would be ideal for you. Lori Grace MA PhD will be sharing some of what she has learned about maintaining brain health. She will share the effects of cardiovascular exercise on brain health, hormones, oxygen, genetics, diet, energy medicine approaches and special supplements.

Lori Grace MA PhD has been a student of brain enhancement for a number of years. She has attended many conferences on brain health and is happy to share what she has learned and benefited from over many years.

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