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WORKSHOP $25/$40
Access the Akashic Records to Clear Karma & Heal Trauma

Room 5

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

$25 WORKSHOP: Access the Akashic Records to Clear Karma & Heal Trauma  |  SATURDAY 1 PM  |  ROOM 5

Do you wonder about your Soul purpose or what is blocking your abundance? 

Your Soul has a Plan and when you can understand it, your life becomes easier.

You can have direct access to a limitless source of divine wisdom to solve any problem with ease.

Your Akashic record gives you this access and assisted guidance from your personal Akashic record keepers.

In this workshop I will share how you can use your Akashic record to heal stuck patterns, emotional pain and blocks. You’ll learn about the Soul plan you wrote before you came to Earth which includes your Soul purpose, Soul contracts and Karmic lessons you want to learn.

  • We’ll do group healing and learn healing prayers to clear & release old Karma and trauma.
  • We will do the “Column of Light” meditation I received from the Record Keepers to bring everyone into the Akashic Field so we can do some Quantum Healing thru the Akasha.
  • I will share some wisdom and education I’ve received from the Akashic Record Keepers to help us understand some of the emotions and traumas in our life.
  • We will talk about what a Soul Plan is and how it is affecting us in this life.
  • We will use the Healing Prayers I’ve brought forth from the Akashic Records to clear some emotional pain with the students.


Lisa Barnett is an International bestselling author of 2 Akashic books, consultant and founder of Akashic Knowing School. She brings 25 years of Akashic counseling including energetic healing for Karma, Soul Contract and Vows to her clients.