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Laura-Jean Anderson Divine Design Meets German Engineering:

Room 3

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Friday Free Lectures 45mins

We are constantly exposed to the invisible threats to our mental, physical and emotional health. Bombarded by EMFs, toxins and other stressors, we suffer fatigue, poor sleep and brain fog. We don’t feel or act as our best selves. But we can. Hear how to optimize your innate ability to feel and perform your best, using Next Generation Frequency Technology. Protect, regenerate, and energize your body to perform in the way it was originally designed.
Laura-Jean Anderson ( 25 years experience in Functional Medicine, Biological Medicine, Energy Work. Certified Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Quantum Touch, Reconnection, Matrix Energetic, Qi Gong. My passion: giving people non-invasive tools to naturally optimize their health.  Please visit booth 6