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Lakenda Wallace The Scented Brain: An Olfactory Way to Happiness

Room 6

10:00 am - 10:45 am

Saturday Free Lectures 45mins

The Scented Brain: An Olfactory Way to Happiness

Join Lakenda Wallace for a journey into the world of scented memories. Scent can trigger more than memories, it can keep us tethered to ourselves–even through Dementia. Add the power of aromatherapy and you have a powerful formula to effect real change in your life. Take a trip through the nose into the brain. Learn the biological truth: scent and the act of smelling may be the key to creating more happiness in your life.
Lakenda Wallace is a Reiki Master Teacher, natural perfumer, educator, and Board Member, Institute of Art & Olfaction. Owner/Alchemist of Modern Peasant.  Exhibitions: Contemporary Craft Museum, Los Angeles + Olfactory Art Keller, NYC.


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