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Kristin Grayce McGary
The Power of Prevention Through FBCA


3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

Saturday Free Lectures 45mins

The Power of Prevention Through FBCA | Saturday 3 pm | Room 1

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is the ultimate tool in preventative healthcare. It’s a unique way of both ordering and analyzing a blood test that gets to the root.

You will learn the difference between conventional and individualized functional lab testing. Kristin Grayce will outline what your regular physician and alternative doctor have likely missed and why. She will describe patterns to look out for rather than individual markers. You will receive empowering recommendations and learn how to take back your power with your healthcare. 

Health and lifestyle expert, Kristin Grayce McGary LAc., MAc., CFMP®, CST-T, CLP, is an authority on autoimmunity, thyroid and gut health, and alleviating pain. She specializes in integrating mind, body and spirit in healthcare.

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