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Jinnifer Murphy Using The Language of Astrology: Freedom & Power

Room 3

10:00 am - 10:45 am

Saturday Free Lectures 45mins

The Language of Astrology gives us access to rewriting our disempowering stories to empowering ones, providing us with more power and freedom in life.
We will look at the essence and range of expression of Planets, Signs, and Houses – from unworkable to workable to successful – to identify vocabulary unique to each of them. Using real-life examples volunteered by participants, we will reinterpret challenging placements to create a more empowering context. Bring your Chart!
Jinnifer Murphy, a third-generation professional Astrologer, native to the Bay Area, has a uniquely transformational and spiritual approach to astrology, grounded in her family’s and her own work with the power of language.  Please visit my booth #47