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Dr. Jennie Hsu Power & Science of the Energy Enhancement System

Room 6

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Saturday Free Lectures 45mins

Power & Science of the Energy Enhancement System

Discover how the bio-active scalar fields and biophotons of the EESystem can increase your energy, decrease pain, inflammation and stress, synchronize your left and right brain. Learn the science behind the EES, invented by Dr Sandra Rose Michael, works to enhance health and wellness in all people from children to adults. Hear stories and testimonials of members from local EES centers shared by the owners on how the EES has impacted their health and life.
Dr. Jennie Hsu, MD ( is a lifestyle medicine physician, wellness coach, energy healer. She is the founder of Wellness Visions with a mission to empower people to transform their health and shares her EES experience.  Please visit booth 75