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Bernd Friedlander
Energy, Longevity, & Avoiding Diseases

Room 2

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Sunday Free Lectures 45mins

Energy, Longevity, & Avoiding Diseases | Sunday  5 pm | Room 2

My lecture discuss how to improve immunity , support against future coronavirus,  improve mitochondria function, promote health, life span, treat and prevent diseases by reducing polyunsaturated fats,  phosphorus increase calcium, lower iron and increase oxidative metabolism.

We can live longer and avoid disease by reducing insulin signaling, M tor pathways, removing senescence cells, increasing mitochondria, thyroid function. Autophagy. How to achieve these goals is to lower gut inflammation, endotoxin by having the right probiotics, avoiding unsaturated fats, reducing certain amino acids (collagen is devoid of these ) similar to caloric restriction or intermittent fasting. Dietary nutrients that have the greatest effect in living beyond 120. Research shown 15 gm of collagen with C 3TID prevented sports injury, repair, recovery before exercise. Getting plenty of natural light, far infrared light, sleep, reduce stress, emf, and staying positive is essential. 

Dr. Bernd Friedlander, DC, is a researcher in preventive medicine, light and magnetic therapies, owner and product developer to physicians and elite athletes, as well as sports chiropractor to professional football, basketball, track and field athletes.


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