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Jeane Manning/ Susan Larison Hidden Energy, AI vs. Intuition, Nikola Tesla’s Intuitive Leaps

Room 3

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Workshop 90 min

This is a paid workshop you will need a $28 reg seat or a $44 Vip seat, plus general admission for that day

Intuitive discovery lights our path to a brighter future. Innovators like Nikola Tesla provide an astonishing glimpse of daring intuitive leaps.

Regenerating our world requires a shift: technology must honor Nature and enhance life, not take us to the brink of utter destruction.

Game-changing discoveries about revolutionary, clean power sources—ranging from zero-point energy and magnetism, to plasma and neutrinos—are ready to emerge into public awareness. When will the world embrace their paradigm-shifting power?

AI is no substitute for humanity’s intuitive gifts, and Nature itself carries the keys to guide us forward.

Jeane Manning, B.A. Sociology, has been researching revolutionary alternative energy solutions for forty years. Author of The Coming Energy Revolution and co-author of Breakthrough Power and Hidden Energy, Jeane continues to research and write.

Susan Larison Danz, M.S., has degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, prototyping early AI language models. Host of The Frontier Beyond Fear broadcast since 2010, Susan contrasts spirituality with materialistic fundamentalism.

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