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Elson Haas Lifestyle and Detox for True Healing

Room 4

11:00 am - 11:51 am

Saturday Free Lectures 45mins

Lifestyle and Detox for True Healing


Even though many people use Western medicines for their health concerns and I prescribe many of them as a family physician—my best prescriptions are Lifestyle and Detox programs to heal underlying issues. Dr. Elson is author of The Detox Diet and other books will share his 5 Keys to Staying Healthy and Detox Programs Made Simple. After his talk he will be joined by three other innovative physicians as a panel on The Future of Health Care.


Elson Haas, MD ( is a long-time integrative physician and author of many popular books, like Staying Healthy with the Seasons, Staying Healthy with Nutrition, and Ultimate Immunity. He is founder and director of Preventive Medical Center of Marin since 1984, still an active integrative health center (