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Dr. Siva Vikkaraman Palani FREE healing with no- touch , no drug Prana Violet

Room 4

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sunday Free Lectures 45mins

FREE Allergy Healing with no- touch, no drug Prana Violet

If you suffer from peanut, dairy, food, Pollen, dust, dog/cat dandler, or environmental allergies, this session is for you. Prana Violet Healing is being taught by found of PVH foundation for more than a decade and giving great results to participants.

If your allergy does not produce a serious medical reaction, bring your allergens (a Must) in a well-sealed zip lock bag to receive the healing. Please always consult your doctor for medical treatment.

Dr. Siva P. is an engineering entrepreneur by profession and deeply committed to his healing passion. Based in Malaysia, he travels across the globe to disseminate the noble cause of healing yourself through no-touch, no -drug Prana Healing.

Visit Free healing Booth tent outside.

Dr Siva has decided to offer FREE Allergy Removal every day 4-5 PM at the PVH Booth.