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DR. Sean-David Morton WORKSHOP Prophecy No More!

Room 5

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Saturday Free Workshops 1.5hrs

Why is the future so many in the past have predicted all falling apart? And is that GOOD OR EVIL?

NOSTRODAMUS, MOTHER SHRIMPTON, EDGAR CAYCE, Elizabeth-Claire Prophet, Gordon Michael Scallion, The Great Pyramid…even, the Bible? ALL HAVE RECENTLY BEEN SPECTACULARLY WRONG!

All except the most accurate and successful futurist of the 20th and 21 Century: Dr. SEAN-DAVID MORTON!

Yes! he is back and better than ever and only Ken Kaufman’s expo has him!!

IN SEAN’s LATEST BOOK, SANDS OF TIME: BOOK IV: TIME RUNNER ACT ONE, he speaks of how sectors of the BLACK WORLD of super-science have used TIME TECHNOLOGY  to ALTER TIMELINES, and CHANGE OUR FUTURE. But change it to….WHAT??

Is the “CULLING” of the HUMAN RACE about to happen? Or will something step in to stop it? How does the use of coming Artificial Intelligence threaten us all? How will the engineered collapse of the United States come about? CAN ANYONE STOP IT?? OR SHOULD WE??

Dr. Sean-David Morton, PhD. will show you the way…and how to SURVIVE AND THRIVE in the world of WHAT IS TO COME!!!




Sean David Morton co-founded the new TRN-Talk Radio Network, the Sci-Fi Channel and UPN/CW with shows like DECLASSIFIED, MYSTERIES FROM BEYOND THE OTHER DOMINION & STRANGE UNIVERSE.


A producer and #1 guest on Coast-To-Coast-AM he and Art Bell built the show into an amazing late-night colossus with over 27 million listeners changing the NEW AGE and the meta-physical world forever!


He’s produced & appeared on HARD COPY, GERALDO, SIGHTINGS, THE OTHER SIDE, MONTELL and countless others. His Revolution Radio show was top-ten out of 10,000 Internet stations, behind only Alex Jones.


Sean’s an award winning screenwriter/director and speaker best known for the epic masterpiece SANDS OF TIME series, with his latest book TIMERUNNER soon to be a major TV event with ARCH CREEK FILMS.


He’s written six novels including the Vatican spy thrillers Black Seraph and THE DARK PROPHET: VEIL OF THE ANTI-CHRIST, and published the Prophecy Research Institute’s DELPHI ASSOCIATE NEWSLETTER for 17 years with over 50,000 subscribers.


A pioneer and teacher of S.R.V.-Spiritual Remote Viewing– which he has taught all over the world in Europe and Japan (his predictions on radio and in print are astounding!)


Sean is THE authority on military black-ops and Top Secret programs, exposing the underground Dulce, NM base and Area 51.


He’s taught astrology at Oxford, attended Stanford & earned dual degrees in 4 years from USC, with his PhD. in Therapeutic Psych. He’s a master astrologer and Tarot reader with graduate degrees from the Hollywood Film Institute in Directing and Film Production. He’s a member of the Writer’s Guild of America West, SAG and AFTRA and lives in Hermosa Beach with his beautiful wife Melissa & blue-eyed white Norwegian Forest cat Shalu.




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