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Deborah Graham The Power of Manifestation: Unblock, Raise Vibration, and Attract Abundance and Love

Room 4

7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

Friday Free Lectures 45mins

The Power of Manifestation: Unblock, Raise Vibration, and Attract Abundance and Love


This session delves deep into the art of manifesting desires, offering insights on how to break through limitations and elevate various aspects of your life. Discover the secrets to getting what you want and actively creating the life you envision, whether it’s love, wealth, or both. Explore the interconnected nature of love and money, understanding how they contribute to a fulfilling life. Learn techniques to establish positive patterns for both health and financial well-being and uncover the correlation between financial abundance and attracting love. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the power within you and create a life filled with abundance, love, and fulfillment – join us on this empowering journey of manifestation.

Ask Questions. Get Answers! As you join us for an unforgettable experience with Psychic Deborah Graham, where the exceptional meets empowerment!

Step into the extraordinary realm of the world-renowned and powerful Celebrity Psychic Deborah Graham, a global sensation celebrated for her magnetic presence on TLC’s reality TV show Psychic Matchmaker. As a celebrated Sirius XM radio host and prolific author, Psychic Deborah Graham’s innate psychic abilities emerged early, evolving into profound visions that have shaped her destiny. With over 38 years of expertise as an energy healer, psychic matchmaker, spiritualist, advisor, psychic medium and past life regression expert, Psychic Deborah Graham stands unwavering in her commitment to empower others in the areas of career, love, family, relationships, and energy healing.

If you would like a personalized reading or wish to contact Psychic Deborah Graham visit her website at or call (561) 496-0700    Please Visit our booth #16