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Startling Discovery Below the Bermuda Triangle

Room 5

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

In a recent episode of Discovery Channels Cooper’s Treasure, expedition leader Darrell Miklos, and his team, made an unexpected discovery. Laying 300 feet underwater, in an area known as the “Bermuda Triangle,” they noticed what appeared to be man-made roads, and multiple right angle formations resembling foundations of buildings. With limited time, they photographs as much as possible, vowing to return in 2019, with the latest scanning equipment and a team of experts including marine archaeologist like Jim Sinclair. In this multimedia presentation, participants will get a first-hand look at this discovery in the Atlantic Ocean, and if these are the ruins of an ancient unknown civilization.

Darrell Miklos is an NAUI certified diver and a member of the American Academy of Underwater Scientists. In 2014 Darrell opened a shipwreck recovery business near his home in Southern California called Gemini Marine Exploration where he salvages historic shipwrecks and artifacts.


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