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Room 3

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Workshop 90 min

This is a workshop and you’ll need a $28 ticket, and a general admission pass for that day

Chakradance is a movement therapy modality that uses spontaneous movement to music created specifically to resonate with each of the chakras.

As we start the journey we will have a short guided meditation where we prepare our body, mind and spirit to dive into the movement of each of the chakras. In this introductory workshop we surrender to the music, allowing our body to create its own movement as we follow the guided visualizations. Each chakra has its own frequency, and its own set of characteristics which all together they encompass the whole of who we are.

Chakradance helps us become more balanced, more whole, recognize the unity that we are as we gain insights into our energy system. Some say Chakradance is like entering  a waking dream where you are the spectator, you witness without judgement or criticism and let the energy heal you.

At the end we integrate by creating our mandala art.