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Brandy Gillmore Ph.D.
WORKSHOP How to Get Rapid Healing Results!

Room 2

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Sunday Free Workshops 1.5hrs

How to Get Rapid Healing Results! | Sunday | 6-7:30 PM | Room 5

Heal Your Chronic Pain in Minutes by releasing physical and energetic pain. Likely you’ve heard about energy and the power of your mind. But, let’s be honest, most people still struggle to get results! Some even believe that they’re doing everything right to heal themselves, but they’re waiting for their body, or the Universe, or God, because it takes a long time. However, as you will see in this empowering workshop, we can get rapid results! 

Brandy will show you how she uses specific tools to help people release their chronic pain in minutes and transform their lives. These are the same discoveries Brandy had as she went from being completely disabled and in extreme pain – using a wheelchair, a walker and a cane for almost 7 years – to 100% healthy, walking and pain-free. There will be a special Q&A and Brandy will work with volunteers to do energy readings while coaching them to use only their mind to release their pain and heal their bodies in minutes, so you can see the process in action and do it for yourself.

Brandy Gillmore


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