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Aurora Mahassine Design Solutions for a Beautiful Future

Room 7

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Friday Free Lectures 45mins

Design Solutions for a Beautiful Future

Since 2014, Aurora has worked with the local Watershed Council(GWC) to promote biological filtration that can address the annually impaired water quality  in the FLW Marin Civic Center Lagoon.

We are advocating for a living edge of native plants around the Lagoon in keeping with Frank Lloyd Wright’s original designs. In lieu of a living edge, floating island bio-filters will do the work. They can jumpstart and foster enough eco-system activity to replicate a living edge.

Marin County Parks, Public Works and Cultural Services, the FLW Civic Center Conservancy and Monique Sonoquie with the Indigenous Youth Foundation are working with the GWC to develop a natural alternative to the plastic islands that are commercially available.

Within the bounds of evolution, the Earth already has the solutions for the problems humans have caused and face. Indigenous knowledge can lead us to healing solutions when they are included.

Aurora Mahassine’s work is eco-cultural restoration. She is an artist, eco-mystic and a  UC certified Naturalist and Climate Steward. 

Her sculptures transform concrete surfaces into living infrastructure by providing niches where life can take root and flourish.