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Ascension 2021 – A Year of Acceleration

Room 3

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

The years 2020 and 2021 initiate the Age of Aquarius – a time of personal Ascension acceleration, increasing planetary shifts and astonishing upheavals in society that generate emerging ways of being. Increasing psychic abilities, multidimensional realities, and the power of the frequency of Love are defining the Ascension.

  • Understand your personal Ascension and Transfiguration process
  • Find out how the global and galactic evolutionary shifts and changes align with your personal Ascension
  • Understand the transformation and activations of Soul DNA
  • Access living in the 5th Dimensional realms

Our Panel of Ascension experts will share their experiential and up-to-date knowledge of the complex Ascension process taking place on the planet now, revealing practical step-by-step instructions that you can apply in your daily life. Be open to awakening your hidden knowledge, activating ancient codes, and charging your energy field with Light Consciousness.

Moderator: Debra Giusti: For over the past 40 years, Debra has been on the leading edge of progressive culture, supporting “New Paradigm” evolution, personal transformation, sustainable lifestyles, leading-edge spirituality, and community. She founded and managed the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa beginning in 1978.



John BurgosJohn Burgos is a mystic, social entrepreneur and host of Beyond the Ordinary Show. Widely known as a leader in the human potential field, he is a sought-after speaker who thrives when collaborating with emerging and provocative spiritual leaders to bring light to the shared power of the awakened collective consciousness.

Elizabeth WilcockElizabeth Wilcock is the creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light. Her mission is to help protect and preserve the sacred and the sacred feminine here on earth and empowering feminine leaders to offer their gift as a blessing.

Liselot Bergen is the founder of the TAO Metaversity, an evolutionary framework for spiritual education. For three decades, Liselot’s profound process of mapping your intrinsic blueprint has helped to fine tune the vibrational patterns throughout your body-mind-spirit, creating resonance with Source.

Laura EisenhowerLaura Eisenhower is a Global Alchemist, International Speaker and Intuitive Astrologist. Laura is the great-granddaughter of President Eisenhower and she is considered by many to be a leading researcher on Exopolitics and Galactic History.


Tracey Ash is involved with the New Frontier Consciousness Training, Star-gates, Meta-Physics + Sacred Destiny. Co-Creators of Ancient Intelligence Mystery School and Avatars of Earth Gathering, Tracey Ash and her husband e-Chin are dedicated to raising consciousness and healing humanity. Global Ascension Leader. Her contact footage was so good, she was invited to The United Nations in 2018. Her recent disclosure interview in Tokyo Sports News reached a whopping one million readers.

Alexa Person is an author, lecturer, and extrasensory with pre-incarnate memory. Alexa’s work highlights her earthly, and not so earthly, catalytic journey into spirit as a lifelong experiencer. Connect with her at

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