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Alexa Person
The Secret to Ascension: A Hybrid’s Perspective

Room 4

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Sunday Free Lectures 45mins

The Secret to Ascension: A Hybrid’s Perspective | Sunday  2 pm | Room 4

Is ascension confusing? Is it giving you a headache? Are you struggling with the concept in general? You are not alone! Most people find it confusing and feel it is unattainable, happening sometime in the abstract future. Others merely recycle outdated information. Join Alexa Person, a lifelong contactee and extrasensory hybrid, as she breaks down this huge topic into simple techniques for experiencing your own path to ascension.

Alexa Person is an author, lecturer, and extrasensory with pre-incarnate memory. Alexa’s work highlights her earthly, and not so earthly, catalytic journey into spirit as a lifelong experiencer. Connect with her at

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