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Aaron Davis The Power of the Root: Hoodoo for You

Room 2

10:00 am - 10:45 am

Sunday Free Lectures 45mins

The Power of the Root: Hoodoo for You


“The Power of the Root” is a discussion on the art of Hoodoo, an American folk spiritual practice originating from the African American experience. This spirituality gets you through life’s challenges while also helping you feel the ground beneath your feet. Hoodoo represents the best of who we are when we come together. Join Doc Aaron as he discusses how anyone can become a worker to make a difference in their life and community.
Aaron Davis is a son of Black Church traditions. Aaron received his Doctorate from San Francisco Theological Seminary. He later discovered Lucumi, Espiritismo and Hoodoo. Aaron is a hospice chaplain of 14 years.


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