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Free Panel A New Vision for a Sustainable Future – Rebirth of The Solar Living Center

Room 5

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Sunday Panel Discussions 1.5hrs

A New Vision for a Sustainable Future – Rebirth of The Solar Living Center

In the 1990’s, the Solar Living Institute opened a 13-acre educational center in Hopland, California, and for 25 years served as a flag-bearer for a healthier earth. For the past few years, the site has been shut, but it is being reborn.

Many of the practices and technologies pioneered during the Center’s run are now commonplace. Solar is ubiquitous, and electric vehicles are everywhere you look. But the time for a fresh vision of a sustainable future is now.

Join a panel of SLI veterans to celebrate how far we have come, and re-dedicate ourselves to the future. Help determine what is still relevant and what new directions need to be pursued. Join in a fresh effort to heal the earth and its peoples and to provide tools and hope for coming generations.


Doron Amiran

Moderator: Doron’s 30 year career in sustainability includes producing 6 SolFest Festivals during his tenure as Development Director of the Solar Living Institute, and promoting clean energy, composting, electric transportation and conservation of natural lands.

Massey Burke

Massey is Executive Director of the California Straw Building Association, and a natural building consultant.  She began her career in natural building 20 years ago as an intern at the Solar Living Institute, and is a practitioner of natural, low-carbon and carbon-sequestering building techniques.

Aurora Mahassine

Aurora is an artist, Naturalist and Climate Steward focused on bio-remediation and creating habitat. Her modular living facade system is scalable green infrastructure for widespread and rapid urban climate adaptation.

Max Meyers

Max Meyers is a Permaculture Designer, Aquaponics specialist, educator and researcher. He has taught Regenerative sciences to over 300,000 people around the world. With 26 years of experience, his work has been featured in best selling books and TIME magazine.