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Free Panel UFO’s / Disclosure and Defense Policy 

Room 5

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Saturday Panel Discussions 1.5hrs

UFO’s / Disclosure and Defense Policy 


This year our annual UFO Panel presents a startling and intelligent look at extraterrestrial science and the implications are astounding. Our distinguished panel members discuss the latest sightings of UFO’s, Pentagon policy, disclosure updates and the continuous visits into our air space by something non terrestrial. They will be looking at the conscious and spiritual changes we are going through in a world being birthed into a new understanding of our place in the universe. The implications are  staggering.


Robert PeralaHost & Moderator: Robert Perala

Robert Perala is the internationally acclaimed author of The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap to the New Millennium and The Divine Architect: The Art of Living and Beyond. He has been featured CNN, Showtime and Coast to Coast AM and has been a regular feature in holistic and science expos since 1994. His own direct contact with extraterrestrial life form happened in 1977. He is a commentator and MC in many shows and is currently presenting his new presentation “The Visitors” at venues throughout 2024. He can be found at:


Daniel Sheehan

Danny Sheehan is the famed Harvard Law and Constitutional Rights attorney and is the founder of the New Paradigm Institute and is an advisory council to members in Washington DC in regards to UFO Disclosure and National Defense Policy. He was a key note speaker at The Citizens Hearing on National Disclosure in Washington DC and has been leading advocate on UFO studies and extraterrestrial science for over 40 years. His stunning resume includes: The Pentagon Papers, The Iran Contra case, The Watergate Break-In, the Incident at Three Mile Island and more. Daniel heads the Romero Institute in Santa Cruz California and continues to speak world wide on important matters of climate change, domestic policy and national security.


Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak

The Hurtak’s are Futurists and have spent decades of research merging science and spirituality in addition to accessing of the nonlocal preconscious mind. Their research includes extraterrestrial science, UFO sightings, the mystery schools, the sacred sites of Egypt and more. They teach to problem solve with a commitment to raise consciousness that promotes peaceful harmony and interconnectedness. They will discuss the multi-dimensional diversity of our consciousness and how to gain access to our light bodies as we discover the gateway to our souls mission.


Alan Steinfeld

Alan is the internationally best selling author of Making Contact which shows us that making contact is up to each one of us. We are multi-dimensional beings who have been able to make contact and gain access to the Ultra Celestial beings by raising our frequency. The awareness of these beings is shared throughout his talks nationwide through his podcast New Realities and gives us deeper insight into the nature of our true cosmic essence. He is a popular MC and speaker in many ancient wisdom and spirituality conferences throughout the nation and internationally.