They are doing a free workshop on Friday night at 7pm,

Workshop is Saturday 6pm-7:30pm

This is a paid workshop you will need a $28 reg seat or a Vip seat $44, plus general admission for that day to attend.

The time is Now! As we travel through 2024, the planet is undergoing a metamorphosis. This is a year of prophecy being fulfilled. Do you feel called to be a part of it? There is a new energetic grid structure that has been implemented on Earth known as the Golden Grid. These powerful Gridlines are blanketing the Earth with Cosmic Energy. This year, humanity will be facing even more unprecedented shifts as the vibration of the planet continues to increase. It will be a universal initiation for both the planet and humanity to ascend. It’s time for absolute trust and faith in the Divine Design in order to move gracefully through this period of global purification. Find out how, and come and discover more of your spiritual gifts and superpowers to become a leader of light for humanity.

World renowned Master Healers, Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji, “The TwinRay”, are Mystic adepts who share immense wisdom. As emanations of Divine Love they beacon you home, to the True Self. Transforming seekers into seers and activating leaders of the Golden Age.