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Jaenam Kim

New Living Expo / Jaenam Kim


Primordial Sound Meditation for Healing | Saturday April 28 | 6-6:45 pm | Room 3 | Booth 547

Long ago, our enlightened masters of the past became one with the God nature of the universe. Their communication with the life force of the universe was written down in code. Today it is known as the Eight Trigrams of I Ching. Contained within this code is not only a message of enlightenment, but an instruction of how to open up our own crown chakra. Come partake in the journey of mysticism and awakening.

A healer of physical and emotional illnesses for the past 30 years, Jaenam Kim is author of the book The Road to Awakening and a teacher of Taeeulju healing meditation workshops for the last 30 years.