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Destin Gerek

New Living Expo / Destin Gerek


Free Lecture: The Evolved Masculine   |  Friday April 27  |  5-5:45pm  |  Room 3

There’s something wrong in the world of men. With the #metoo campaign, it’s become evident that there’s something broken in how men learn to connect to women and express their sexuality. More than anything, you’re craving to feel good about being a man and using that masculine power for good – for the women in your life, for your children, for the world at large. We can do better, we can be better…

Destin Gerek is an internationally recognized leading voice in masculinity, sexuality, consciousness, and personal empowerment. Described by the press as “Tantra meets Tony Robbins,” Destin is dedicated to redefining masculinity for the 21st century.

Free Panel Discussion: Love in the 21st Century  |  Sunday April 29  |  12-12:45pm | Room 7

The past 40 years have seen a dramatic transformation in the way men and women relate to each other and with the recent #MeToo campaign this shift has come to a head. Victims of sexual harassment and abuse are finally finding their voices, being heard, and BEING BELIEVED. More and more perpetrators are being held accountable for their actions.

Now a new uplifted way of being together in partnership needs to be established. The truth is that we all want to be loved, and to give love. The vision of this discussion is to usher in the new partnership experience for the masculine and feminine dynamics so that we are free to love again.

The questions of the day are: How do we interact in a way where each person feels respected? How do we make consent sexy? How do we release judgment and make clear agreements? How do we usher in the new paradigm in partnership? How do we bring conscious spirituality into our relationships?