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Celestine Star
The Galactic Reintegration of Earth and Star Kin


5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Friday Free Lectures 45mins

The Galactic Reintegration of Earth and Star Kin  |  Friday 5 pm  |  Room 2  |  Booth 331

Do you feel a passionate curiosity about Galactic beings? Do you question why we see more UFO sightings than ever before? How does this affect the future of mankind? Dr. Celestine Star, D.D., a Ultraterrestrial, and Heavenly Emissary contactee for 45 years, will offer her wisdom on Galactic Consciousness and reveal the Encoded Transmission given to her by the High Spiritual Council, including the Divine Plan, and the Reintegration of Earth Kin with the Star Kin.

Dr. Celestine Iisha Star D.D., is a Therapeutic Intuitive Healer, Metaphysical Wisdom Keeper, Founder of Galactic Earth Council (2010), Sacred Ultraterrestrial Experiencer and author of The Galactic Earth Council. Star offers Galactic Origin Sessions.

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