Dr. Wendy Treynor

Dr. Wendy Treynor
  • Healer, Teacher, Mystic & Social Scientist
  • POST CONFERENCE Monday, April 30, 2-6 PM, Rm 4

I CAN HEAL®: Reclaim Your Happiness, Your Freedom, Yourself

Dr. Wendy Treynor is a healer, teacher, mystic, & social scientist (PhD in social psychology). In her search for truth, she made a scientific breakthrough discovery standing on shoulders of giants in her field, using only logic to reveal the primacy of soul/God (known as “The Basic State”) in her Psychological theory.

The I CAN HEAL® Framework reveals the root and exit route of suffering by presenting what appears to be the true mechanics of the social-emotional system, either long-suppressed or misunderstood. It puts the soul (“psyche”) back in Psychology, connects mind back to Spirit, social control back to Love, oppression back to Freedom, and human limitation back to Infinite Possibilities. The system revealed imparts true Self-Knowledge, thus unending Happiness, unending Love, and unending Freedom – True Self-Empowerment that will change your life forever!

Discover how psychology and spirituality are bridged using scientific research. Discover how we’re systematically led to undervalue and betray ourselves. Discover how to liberate yourself from the shackles of social conditioning and inoculate yourself against unwanted social influence. Discover how cancer and adversity can become a gift for transformation and radical change. Discover a fresh approach for self-love to help overcome depression and oppression to live vibrantly. Discover how to ditch the self-esteem seeking, and instead discover genuine self-love. Discover Yourself! Heal Yourself!

CBS-TV, Psychology Today, and Success magazine’s happiness expert and social influence expert, Dr. Wendy Treynor is a leader in bridging psychology and spirituality, science and spirit, in her I CAN HEAL® programs. She is a next-generation-teacher-gone-global, author, speaker, coach, healer and scholar.