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Foster Gamble

Free Workshop
Bringing Breakthrough Healing & Energy Technologies to the World
Saturday, 11-12:30 pm   Rm 5

Foster Gamble’s workshop will explore how the Liberty Perspective is at the core of all the exciting solutions they are seeing – from health and economics to energy and justice. This is the Non-Aggression Principle that transcends politics, prohibits the initiation of force and requires that all rights are protective and equal.

Foster Gamble is President and Co-founder, with his wife Kimberly, of Clear Compass Media, which produced the documentary Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take? Previously, Foster was CEO of the MindCenter Corporation and an instructor in the non-violent martial art of Aikido. He was the on-screen host for the PBS documentary Aikido – The Way of Harmony. The film has been seen by over 70 million people and spawned a global solutions network with over 1000 self-created groups.