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Daniel Pinchbeck

Free Workshop
From Personal to Planetary Initiation
Saturday, 1-2:30 pm Rm 5

In this workshop, we’ll investigate what is happening across our world today, seeking a deeper understanding that encompasses personal growth and evolution as well as the larger processes in which we are enmeshed. While personally we may feel powerless, we know from history that it is only the actions of dedicated individuals that bring about transformations, even on a global scale. The goal of this workshop is to find peace and security even in the midst of the chaos around us, and to inspire us to contribute the necessary changes we must make to our current paradigm.

Daniel Pinchbeck is the best-selling author of Breaking Open the Head, and 2012:The Return of Quetzalcoatl. How Soon Is Now?, Daniel’s newest book, examines the current ecological crisis as a rite of passage for humanity and offers, in the words of Russell Brand, a “blueprint for the future.”