PANEL: What in the World do We Need to Know NOW?

Room 7

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Saturday Panel Discussions 1.5hrs

What in the World do We Need to Know NOW?

The world has gone crazy; with school shootings, alternative facts, indictments, and people showing no sense or logic. Is there an end to this? Why is this happening? Our expert panel will tell you what is going on and what will be happening in 2018. You’ll find out the secrets of the new age science that will lift us into the age of enlightenment? Your personal questions will be answered at this event. You’ll be amazed at what is really happening. You’ve seen it in the news; now find out the truth behind all the smoke and mirrors. Prize raffle follows presentation.

Moderator: Joseph Ernest Martin,  award-winning psychic, is the TV Host of Paranormal Insights, author of the bestselling Quest Tarot, and winner of the Visionary Award of Excellence and six Video Excellence awards. His book and deck are in five countries in four languages.

Lisa Barnett is an internationally recognized Akashic teacher, consultant, healer, and author of The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records, and her new book From Questioning to Knowing – 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life. Lisa teaches students around the world.

Bret Lueder is an author, artist, UFO researcher and futurist. You’ve read his work in Magical Blend and UFO Magazine. Bret is the author of two books; his latest, Tales of a Heavy Heart: UFO’s, Magic and Impending Doom tells of what the future will hold for all of us. He has also produced many DVD’s interviewing the top people in the UFO and metaphysical fields.

Lai Ubberud is an international author and winner of the Houston Press award for “Best Psychic and Best Pet Psychic,” Lai is a medium, psychic, animal communicator, past-lives reader and travels the world helping people with their spiritual issues. She is in Glamour Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

Darius Oliver uses numerology to counsel families and to advise business leaders. He is an Intuitive numerologist, Angelic Reiki Master, and Angel Oracle card and tarot reader. His new book is coming out in 2018. Darius uses his abilities to bring inspiring clarity in the transitions in life.

Lynette Britt is the co-author of the new book Warrior Women with Angel Wings for the Soul. She has appeared on West Coast Television and was a student at the famous Monroe Institute. Her truth and inspiration have gained her a reputation as one of California’s best seers.