SPECIAL EVENT: James Van Praagh – A Walk in the Spirit World

ROOM 6 Event Center

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Special Event

A Walk in the Spirit World

Introduction to the work:
The original “Ghost Whisperer” James Van Praagh is your guide on a mystical journey to the Other Side. Through deep immersion techniques and mediumship exercises, you’ll visit with loved ones and guides, and see what things are like on their side of the veil!

The first part of your journey will forever alter your image of the afterlife. Through guided visualization, you’ll experience the sights and sounds of the Spirit Realm and become better acquainted with the Guides and Angels who’ve been assigned to protect and support you. You’ll call upon the spirits of deceased loved ones, and receive answers to questions that you’ve been longing to ask. By tapping into the wisdom of the Spirit people, you’ll learn lessons about living your best life on earth.

Now that you’ve explored the Spirit Realm and met up with those who reside there, the final part of your journey is all about self-discovery. James will train you to connect to your soul to reveal the lessons you were put on this earth to learn and heal yourself of the karmic residue that keeps you from enjoying vibrant health, abundance, and unconditional love. You’ll leave charged and energized –ready to realize your own unlimited potential!

James will wrap up the event by answering your questions about life, death, mediumship or anything else that’s on your mind. And don’t be surprised if he brings through a few detailed messages to the audience from loved ones on the Other Side!


Meet & Greet and book signing:
Get up close and personal with James! James Van Praagh will be available after the event to sign books and take photos. Please no personal questions at the Meet & Greet. This is only a signing and photograph session with James.



James Van Praagh - Special Event

A Walk in the Spirit World