WORKSHOPS: Dannion Brinkley – What the Shift is Happening?

Room 5

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Sunday Free Workshops 1.5hrs

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are threatening to start WWIII, while multiple shooters gunned down hundreds of concert goers in Las Vegas. Every top government official is visiting Antarctica, and no one knows why. What the shift is happening? We are living in a world that few of us even recognize. Beginning in 2012, as we awaited changes the end of the Mayan calendar would bring, a myriad of unexpected things began to happen. But now, as 2018 unfolds, the Fifth Dimension is upon us… Big Time! Now, what important steps can we all take to affect positive change?

Dannion Brinkley was catapulted into the international spotlight in 1994, when his first book, Saved by the Light, remained on the New York Times best seller list for 26 weeks. Twenty-four years later, Dannion is still captivating audiences worldwide, with his humorous take on life and the great beyond.