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Wendy Lang

The Secret Teachings of Shamanic Chinese Medicine
Saturday, 7-7:45 pm
Rm 4    Booth 445

Also known as Medical Qigong, this ancient healing art is legendary for initiating powerful transformation of the body, mind and spirit. The ancient shamans developed a working relationship with the cosmos, the earth, the five elements and our entire multidimensional reality. Specific healing techniques use breath, posture, sound, meditation, guided journeys, intention, emitted Qi, materializing and dematerializing techniques, etc. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the power of this mysterious branch of Chinese medicine.

Wendy Lang is the founder of Empty Mountain Institute. Her expertise includes medical qigong, daoist mysticism, channeling, meditation, soul retrieval and exorcism. She teaches a three year Master’s program in shamanic Chinese medicine.

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