Wanda Pratnicka

Hauntings, Entity Attachments, Entity Possession
Saturday, 5-5:45 pm
Rm 2    Booth 551

What are ghosts? How to recognize ghosts influence on the living? How to protect oneself against them? Toxic associations between ghosts and the living and their tragic consequences: changeable moods, chronic fatigue, depression, addictions, states of panic/anxiety, suicidal thoughts, phobias, obsessions, autism, personality disorders, various physical diseases including cancer, tumors, migraines, anorexia, pains.

Wanda Pratnicka – Psychologist (M.A), Parapsychologist and Exorcist has 45 years of practice as a cleansing/clearing specialist and has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide from a distance. Internationally recognized book author and healer.