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Volunteers for Tatyana Mickushina

What Ascended Masters Say About America
Saturday, 4-4:45 pm
Rm 4    Booth 220

The lecture is devoted to the Messages of the Ascended Masters given through Tatyana Mickushina specifically for people living in the United States. Tatyana was granted the Messenger Mantle from the Great White Brotherhood in 2004. Come and receive special recommendations that the Masters give us for the present time. You will also learn which of the Ascended Masters and Messengers incarnated or lived in America. Meditation for Peace and Love will close the talk.

Tatyana Mickushina is the founder of Sirius Spiritual Center. She received almost 500 dictations from the Ascended Masters and has published over 60 books. She is a well known public speaker and spiritual leader in Russia and Europe.

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