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Steven Halpern

Mindfulness, Meditation, Music and Healing
Sunday, 3-3:45 pm    Rm 3

Discover easy secrets of accessing your innate intelligence at the speed of sound. Enjoy deeper states of meditation and healing using breakthrough recordings that combine channeled music, audio neuro-technology, theta brainwave entrainment and subliminal affirmations. Learn why most music actually creates stress and
keeps you out of balance (scalus interruptus) vs optimizing your gene expression for optimal health, sleep deficit, adult ADHD. See ad p 9

Steven Halpern is a Grammy nominated recording artist, researcher, author, pioneering sound healer. A founding father of New Age music, Chakra Suite, Deep Alpha, Mindful Piano and Relax into Sleep are used worldwide in healing and corporate wellness centers, classrooms, hospitals and hospice care.

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