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Sound Healing – Raising Consciousness with Sound Panel

Sunday, 6-7:30 pm   Rm 7

Sound Healing encompasses the full spectrum — from esoteric, ancient shamanic practices to purely scientific medical applications.
Come learn about the full range of sound healing instruments including the voice, and experience profound sounds that can transform
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This panel includes some of the top sound healers in the field.

Moderator David Gibson is the founder and director of the Globe Sound and Consciousness
Institute in San Francisco. His book, The Complete Guide to Sound Healing, is the top selling book in the field, and explains how to use sound for physical healing, brainwave entrainment, releasing stuck emotions, opening the heart, and connecting to Spirit.



Lakshmi DelSesto is an ecstatic multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and Kirtan leader. She has
been performing her original and sacred world music across the US and internationally. She
is a regular Kirtan performer at many festivals. www.lakshmidevi.com



Emile Janse is a self-taught overtone throat singer and didgeridoo player who studied
at Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness. He holds ceremonies, workshops and
teaches throat singing in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Randy Masters is a master teacher of many disciplines. He combines his expertise as
a composer, harmonic mathematician and background in esoteric and exoteric sciences
to reveal the precise harmonics of our universal life field. Randy is an in-depth researcher on
the pyramids, sacred sites, the mathematical language of light and the harmonics of sacred


Silvina Vergara uses sound, breathing techniques, movement and shamanic work to help
facilitate emotional, physical and mental release to reawaken the body’s innate wisdom and
deep sense of awareness. She also works as a facilitator in sound healing for San Francisco
General Hospital in a special program for cancer patients, and hosts her own Spanish radio show on consciousness.


Dr. Steven Schwartz is the founder of Bioharmonic Technologies and Holistic Health Science. His companies create music and technologies that combines a variety of different scientific and musical elements to influence physiology and access neurology at the cellular resonant communication level.

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