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Ron Amitron

Alien Technology: Abductions-Implants-Cloning-Timelines
Saturday, 12-12:45 pm
Rm 2    Booth 232

Discover the consequence of undetected alien abduction. Alien spy camera technology has been installed in many peoples eyes. Ron will remove these cameras plus alien ear listening devices for participants. Extraterrestrials manufacture cloned human replicas of everyone. These clones directly interfere with us. Observe the changes as participants experience the release of their clone replicas. Discover how to clear and protect yourself from physical and spiritual enslavement. Experience profound interactive clearings/healings at: www.CreationLightship.com

Myth Breaker Ron Amitron Spiritual Teacher/Master Healer exposes the depth of E.T. deception with unparalleled
understanding of extraterrestrial interference with humans.

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