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Phil Wilson

Experiencing the Healing Benefits of Far Infrared
Friday, 6-6:45 pm
Rm 4   Booth 509

Far Infrared Energy resonates with every cell of the human body when near a strong Far Infrared Energy source. Phil shares the abundant research on FIR benefits, including increased core temperature, micro-circulation, increased lymph flow, and decreased inflammation and pain. Thousands of alternative health doctors and health professionals endorse FIR and conditions from Lyme disease to arthritis to diabetes have been helped. Begin your day with an invigorating sweat in your Far Infrared sauna to promote sleep, relaxation and detoxification.

Phillip Wilson, involved in holistic health and fasting since 1971, opened his natural health store in 1980. Having used Far Infrared Saunas for 12 years, Phil has experienced remarkable benefits, and communicates them very well.

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