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Paul & Lillie Weisbart

Scalarwave Laser and Stillpoint
Sunday, 6-6:45 pm
Rm 2    Booth 243

Experience a revolutionary nonlinear approach to quantum wellness, based on the proven science of healing light, scalarwaves, the subtle anatomy and the quantum field or energy which surrounds the body. This seminar will introduce an overview of lasers and how scalarwaves help release cellular memory. In addition, practitioners and lay people can learn about the benefits of the FDA approved scalarwave laser and how it donates energy for pain relief, arthritis, circulation, and inflammation and muscle relaxation.

Paul and Lillie Weisbart come from Maui and are the developers of the scalarwave laser and a yogic process called Stillpoint which is rooted in the universal state of well-being and can easily be accessed using perception and also through unwinding the adrenal glands, a process developed with the scalarwave laser.

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