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Neil Sharp, MD

NeuroMovement® for Whole Brain and Body Fitness
Friday, 4-4:45 pm
Rm 1  Booth 331

Neil Sharp, MD, will lead this experiential presentation of the brain plasticity based principles underlying the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® (ABMNM). Dr Sharp collaborates with Anat Baniel at her clinic in San Rafael using ABMNM with anyone from children with extreme special needs to high performing athletes and musicians. ABMNM is endorsed by Michael Merzenich PhD, the father of neuroplasticity science, as the closest therapeutic approach to his understanding of how the brain works.

Neil Sharp, MD, studied medicine at Cambridge University and Edinburgh University Medical School. After working as a doctor and opera singer he discovered the work of Anat Baniel, and now collaborates closely with her.

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