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Nathan Andrews

Design and Destiny: Clues, Insights, Intimations
Sunday, 4-4:45 pm
Rm 4    Booth 202

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You are the “poema” (Greek for “workmanship”) of a Master Craftsman who never makes copies. Increasing insight into who you are will bring sharper focus to where you are going, and arm you in your battle against forces that would squeeze you into other molds. In our “Original Design” encounters we offer spiritually discerned
insights into your unique identity. During this talk our interns will demonstrate this model with selected members of the audience.

Nathan, Harvard graduate and world traveler, directs the ‘Lord’s Land’ retreat center, formerly a hippie commune, on the Mendocino Coast. He’s passionate about spiritually activating young people to fulfill their potential and create New-World transformation.

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