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Michael White Ryan & Pamela Edwards Ryan

You & Energy Advanced Feng Shui Connections
Saturday, 6-6:45 pm    Rm 3

When we travel beyond self, new worlds of unimagined possibilities and probabilities await, despite your mindset or desires. Nature is no mystery when your personal shifts manifest. Knowledge is power! If only we can escape our collected knowledge, we would arrive and be free. Energy exists everywhere and yet how do we define it? Is it frequency, vibration, or what? Come to this presentation to learn about advanced Feng Shui energies.

Pamela Edwards Ryan and Michael White Ryan of Language of Space are entrepreneurs, innovative consultants, and business accelerators who enhance leadership performance with clients in 7 countries. They have environmental design degrees and are passionate about empowering people. They are international best-selling authors who have been featured in Forbes and Inc magazines.n &an

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