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Lynette Corsten

Astrology Personal and Planetary for 2017
Friday, 6-6:45 pm
Rm 1   Booth 308

This is an in-depth look at cycles and major planetary shifts. We have moved beyond the year 2017, and we’re in the quantum energy of a 1 year cycle. This is a letting-go year. Lynette will explain where to focus your energy, using important cycles and her intuition to bring success into your personal life. Lynette has over 25 years of researching business, elections and personal charts. Bring your birth information and receive a mini message. www.astrologyforrelationships.com

Rev. Lynette Corsten is an ordained priestess, astrologer, medium and healer. She works overtime teaching, analyzing charts and performing ceremonies. Her interest in astrology and metaphysics started at an early age with her grandmother.

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