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Lori Grace

Free Workshop
Embodied Compassionate Communication (ECC)
Friday, 8-9:30 pm
Rm 4   Booth 351

(ECC) can help you have more love in your life and be more centered and empathic with both yourselves and others when facing challenging situations. Through dyadic exercises, role playing and discussion, you will learn to tune into your own feelings and needs and to communicate your desires in such a way that you can be more easily heard and understood.

You will also learn to help others clarify and verbalize their own underlying wants and assure others in a convincing way that you have heard and understood them. ECC helps you to create and enjoy win-win solutions with both yourself and others. Enter our raffle and win two free spaces in our May workshops or 50% off on our Maui workshop in August, celebrating love and intimacy in paradise. More prizes available if you join our mailing list at our booth.

Lori Grace MA combines her 18 year background in Compassionate Communication with her background in Gestalt awareness work, Aikido and breath work to help people find their center, empathize better with themselves and others and also communicate much more empathically.

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